About Mitra Samavaki
Mitra (she/her) is an Iranian photographer based in Calgary, Canada. She received her bachelor's in Sculpture from the Tehran University of Art, and currently, she is pursuing her MFA at the University of Calgary. Her passion for photography was ignited 20 years ago, and She worked as a documentary photographer and photojournalist with several Iranian news agencies, newspapers, and magazines for more than seven years. She has always been fascinated by how art can affect social life and change things for the better. For her, photography is not just the art of catching a moment; it is portraying the extraordinary in ordinary things; she intends to take photos to establish a dialogue with the addressee and raise a question. Through her recent artworks and relying on her experience as an immigrant in Canada, she investigates the feeling of being betwixt and between, exploring the phenomenon of Liminality that lurks beneath the daily life of immigrants in their new environments.