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Somewhere In Between

As an Iranian immigrant, my experiences of mobility and settlement have been accompanied by a feeling of ambiguity about being simultaneously here and there, causing complex emotional entanglements in relation to place, people, and relationships.1 I am confronted with endless internal struggles in trying to establish a “marriage” between two homelands and two self-representations. I feel neither here nor there but in a midway state of in-betweenness.

“Somewhere In-Between” represents the experience of living in-between and what it feels like to be simultaneously in two places; it explores the entangled relationship between physically being in a place while being mentally/virtually present in multiple places. I use walking as a metaphor for my journey; it is like a liminal time and space, a place where I am on betwixt and between the familiar and the completely unknown—no longer where I was, but not yet where I will be. I invite the audience to walk with me in-between this liminal space and time and experience living in between.

1. Fathi, M. (2021). Home-in-migration: Some critical reflections on temporal, spatial and sensorial perspectives. Ethnicities, 21(5), 979–993.

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