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Memory Objects

"Memory objects" explores immigrants' sense of homesickness as it is echoed in their cherished belongings. The day I decided to pack my belongings for Canada, the first big question I struggled with was "what to take and what to leave." With the impossibility of bringing everything with me, I chose objects with which I had a close emotional bond and those that could represent my national artistic background from Iran. Soon, I realized these treasured items are part of my identity, and they are here in Canada with me.

In this project, I photographed fellow immigrants' cultural artifacts and objects that function as "transitional objects" and help bring what has become geographically "too far" a bit nearer.1 I also asked them to write the story behind the objects to allow the viewers to identify with their feeling of missing.

1- Akhtar, Salman. "A Third Individuation: Immigration, Identity, and the Psychoanalytic Process." Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association 43, no. 4 (1995): 1051–1084.

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