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A Homesick world

For me, home has always been intrinsically tied to one special place — our family home in Tehran, Iran. It was there that I grew up surrounded by loved ones and where my fondest memories and sense of self took shape. However, one by one, my sisters and I made the difficult decision to leave our homeland in search of a better future. With our departures, our once-vibrant home has become a silent witness to the echoes of memories, longing for a time when we were all together. 
Since arriving in this new land, I've been torn between the yearning for a home that may no longer exist and the challenge of building a new sense of belonging. Inspired by my immigration experience, this ongoing photographic series explores the concept of "home" and the quest for belonging in this unfamiliar place. The absence of people in my photographs mirrors the empty homes left behind due to migration, inviting viewers to connect with these domestic interiors through their own personal histories.
In my narrative journey, windows serve as metaphors. They assume a dual role, acting both as barriers separating different worlds and as bridges connecting the inside and the outside, the known and the unknown, familiarity and strangeness. They reflect the ongoing struggle of immigrants, torn between their past and an uncertain future.

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