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A Homesick world

For me, home has always been intrinsically tied to one special place — our family home in Tehran, Iran. It was there that I grew up surrounded by loved ones and where my fondest memories and sense of self took shape. However, one by one, my sisters and I made the difficult decision to leave our homeland in search of a better future.

Since my relocation to Canada, I've utilized photography as a therapeutic tool, allowing me to delve into a deeper understanding of my immigrant journey in this new homeland. Engaging with domestic spaces as part of my job, I often find myself in vacant homes surrounded by objects that seem left behind, each whispering echoes from the past. These spaces, frozen in time, paradoxically evoke both familiarity and strangeness. The emptiness, stillness, and embedded silence prompt reflections on memories intricately woven into their surroundings, resonating deeply and reminding me of our once-vibrant home in Tehran, Iran, now emptied by the migration of my entire family.

The absence of people in my photographs mirrors homes left behind due to migration and invites viewers to connect with the uninhabited domestic interiors through their own personal histories. This ongoing photographic series explores the common human experience of homesickness and longing for a place to call home.

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